Life Members

Life membership is the highest accolade presented to worthy recipients that recognises the outstanding contribution of individuals to the Devonport Basketball Council Inc.

Due to the prestige of the award, there are no more than 2 individuals per year added to the Honour Board for Life Membership.

Recipients of the award have exhibited significant exemplary service to the Club over a prolonged period of time that has enhanced the reputation of the Club and contributed to its successful future.


1961George RussellDevonport Amateur Basketball Association
1961Ken StephensonDevonport Amateur Basketball Association
1965Judith RussellDevonportWomen’s Basketball Association
1970Garry DavenportDevonport Amateur Basketball Association
1976Kerry BerwickDevonport Amateur Basketball Association
1977Warren MorrisDevonport Amateur Basketball Association
1978Warren MorrisDevonport Junior Basketball League
1978Phyllis VincentDevonport Junior Girl’s Basketball League
1980Tony PhillipsDevonport Amateur Basketball Association
1980Elaine MazzoneDevonport Women’s Basketball Association
1981Greg DouglasDevonport Amateur Basketball Association
1981Glenn SimondsDevonport Amateur Basketball Association
1984Elaine MazzoneDevonport Amateur Basketball Association
1990Philip ProuseDevonport Basketball Council Inc.
1991Margaret BlakeDevonport Women’s Basketball Association
1993Don HarrisDevonport Basketball Council Inc.
1994Warren MorrisDevonport Basketball Council Inc.
1997Robert JagoDevonport Basketball Council Inc.
2003Bruce RobinsonDevonport Basketball Council Inc.
2009Elaine MazzoneDevonport Basketball Council Inc.
2009Greg CollisDevonport Basketball Council Inc.
2010Bronwyn CollisDevonport Basketball Council Inc.
2010Cheryl SuttonDevonport Basketball Council Inc.
2010Simon MazzoneDevonport Basketball Council Inc.
2011Jennie PorterDevonport Basketball Council Inc.
2011Roger BlakeDevonport Basketball Council Inc.
2014Katrina ParkerDevonport Basketball Council Inc.
2015Angela SavageDevonport Basketball Council Inc.
2019Lyn SturzakerDevonport Basketball Council Inc.